EARSeL eProceedings Vol. 1, No. 1, 2001

Meeting the accuracy challenge in airborne lidar bathymetry (1200 kB)
Gary C. Guenther, A. Grant Cunningham, Paul E. LaRocque, and David J. Reid
Airborne lidar surveys and regional sediment management (5200 kB)
Jennifer McClung Wozencraft, and Jennifer L. Irish
Development of a lidar fluorosensor payload for submarine operation (370 kB)
Roberto Barbini, Francesco Colao, Roberta Fantoni, D. Ferrante, Antonio Palucci, and Silvio Ribezzo
A shore-based lidar for coastal seawater monitoring (50 kB)
Dmitri V. Maslov, Victor V. Fadeev, and A.I. Lyashenko
Operational airborne hydrographic lidar fluorosensing (1700 kB)
Oliver Zielinski, Rodney Andrews, Jeanette Göbel, Michael Hanslik, Thomas Hunsänger, and Rainer Reuter
Multi sensor system for fast analysis in environmental monitoring with an application in waste water treatment (130 kB)
Kai Hennig, Thorsten de Vries, Ralf Paetzold, Kai Jantos, Eberhard Voss, and Angelika Anders
Lidar sensor for measuring directional-spectral characteristics of water waves (3000 kB)
Jennifer L. Irish, Jennifer McClung Wozencraft, and A. Grant Cunningham
Marine code for modelling range resolved oceanographic lidar fluorosensor measurements (85 kB)
Roberto Barbini, Francesco Colao, E. Cupini, N. Ferrari, G. Ferro, and Antonio Palucci
Stable deconvolution of noisy lidar signals (80 kB)
Stefan Harsdorf, and Rainer Reuter
Aspects of spatial and temporal ranging for bistatic submarine lidar (125 kB)
Uwe Stute, Michel LeHaitre, and Olga Lado-Bordowsky
Laser spectroscopy of mineral oils on the water surface (110 kB)
Svetlana Patsayeva, V. Yuzhakov, V. Varlamov, Roberto Barbini, Roberta Fantoni, C. Frassanito, and Antonio Palucci
On real abilities and problems of laser monitoring (in situ) of oil pollution in coastal marine waters (50 kB)
Irina V. Boychuk, Tatiana A. Dolenko, Victor V. Fadeev, Michael Kompitsas, and Rainer Reuter
Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy for semi-quantitative elemental analysis in soils and marine sediments (50 kB)
Roberto Barbini, Francesco Colao, Roberta Fantoni, V. Lazic, Antonio Palucci, F. Capitelli, and H.J.L. van der Steen
Laser induced plasma spectroscopy (LIPS) as an efficient method for elemental analysis of environmental samples (500 kB)
Michael Kompitsas, F. Roubani-Kalanzopoulou, I. Bassiotis, A. Diamantopoulou, and A. Giannoudakos
Elevation accuracy of laser-scanning-derived digital terrain and target models in forest environment (1600 kB)
Juha Hyyppä, U. Pyysalo, H. Hyyppä, and A. Samberg
Development of a laser range finder for the Antarctic plateau (1900 kB)
L. Bartolini, A. Bordone, R. Fantoni, M. Ferri de Collibus, G. Fornetti, C. Moriconi, and C Poggi
Variation of the UV-to-blue fluorescence ratio for organic matter in water under conditions of fluorescence saturation (80 kB)
Svetlana Patsayeva, V. Yuzhakov, M. Lamotte, R.Fantoni, A. Lai, and A. Palucci
Measurement and simulation of substance specific contributions of phytoplankton, gelbstoff and mineral particles to the underwater light flield in coastal waters (4400 kB)
Hans Barth, Rainer Reuter, and Marc Schröder
Range resolved lidar fluorosensor for marine investigation (1600 kB)
Roberto Barbini, F. Colao, R. Fantoni, C. Frassanito, A. Palucci, and S. Ribezzo
Bio-optical investigation of the Albano Lake (70 kB)
Anna Lai, P. Giordano, R. Barbini, R. Fantoni, S. Ribezzo, and A. Palucci
DE-flidar: a new remote sensing instrument for the estimation of epidermal UV absorption in leaves and canopies (60 kB)
A. Ounis, Z. G. Cerovic, J. M. Briantais, and I. Moya
Some peculiarities of fluorescence diagnostics of phytoplankton in coastal waters of the Black Sea (70 kB)
Victor V. Fadeev, Dmitri V. Maslov, N.D. Matorin, R. Reuter, and T.I. Zavyalova
Nutrient stress of corn plants: early detection and discrimination using a compact multiwavelength fluorescent lidar (90 kB)
G. Samson, N. Tremblay, A. E. Dudelzak, S. M. Babichenko, L. Dextraze, and J. Wollring
Analysis of phytoplankton pigments by excitation spectra of fluorescence (700 kB)
Larisa Poryvkina, Sergey Babichenko, and Aina Leeben
The investigation of snowmelt patterns in an arctic upland using SAR imagery (420 kB)
M. Johansson, I .A. Brown, and B. Lundén
Evaluation of different methods for glacies mapping using Landsat TM (480 kB)
Frank Paul
Digital and automated high resolution stereo mapping of the Sonnblick glacier (Austria) with HRSC-A (4800 kB)
E. Hauber, H. Slupetzky, R. Jaumann, F. Wewel, K. Gwinner, and G. Neukum
A new method for sub-pixel snow-cover mapping using hyperspectral imagery - first results (160 kB)
R. Solberg
Bayesian method for segmentation of SAR images in rough terrain (1060 kB)
Marco Caparrini, Klaus Seidel, and Mihai Datcu
Equilibrium- and firn-line detection with multi-polarization SAR - first results (2900 kB)
Max König, Jan-GunnarWinther, Niels Tvis Knudsen and Tore Guneriussen
Using a multi-year data archive of ERS SAR imagery for the monitoring of firn line positions and ablation patterns on the King George Island ice cap (Antarctica) (1400 kB)
Matthias Braun and Frank Rau
Snow cover duration maps in alpine regions from remote sensing data (430 kB)
D. Brander, K. Seidel, M. Zurflüh, and Ch. Huggel
Snow line analysis in the Swiss Alps based on NOAA-AVHRR satellite data (370 kB)
H. Kleindienst, S. Wunderle and S. Voigt
Modelling daily runoff from snow and glacier melt using remote sensing data (700 kB)
J. Schaper and K. Seidel
Radar glacier zones and their boundaries as indicators of glacier mass balance and climatic variability (2600 kB)
Frank Rau, Matthias Braun, Matthias Friedrich, Frank Weber, and Hermann Goßmann
A method for snow-cover mapping of forests by optical remote sensing (1600 kB)
Dagrun Vikhamar, and Rune Solberg
Small-scale monitoring of wet snow cover with RADARSAT-ScanSAR data (320 kB)
Harold Haefner, David Small, Stefan Biegger, Hilko Hoffmann, and Daniel Nüesch

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