EARSeL eProceedings Vol. 3, No. 2, 222-226, 2004

Matrix method of laser fluorimetry of complex organic compounds in water
Victor V. Fadeev, Tatiana A. Dolenko, Denis V. Il'in, Pavel N. Litvinov and Andrei A. Meshkantsov

A matrix method synthesizing methods of kinetic and non-linear laser fluorimetry is presented in this paper. It is assumed that in the case of a rational selection of the range for photon flux density of the exciting radiation, and of the range of time for measurements of fluorescence kinetics, it is possible to determine a substantial number of molecular photo-physical parameters of complex organic compounds. This could be achieved by solving the inverse problems with the elements of the suggested matrix as input data. As a first step in the development of this approach, numerical modelling of the direct and inverse problems has been performed using the model of a two-fluorophore complex with intermolecular energy transfer.

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Submitted: 07 June 2003
Revised: 09 February 2004
Accepted: 13 February 2004

Fadeev V V, T A Dolenko, D V Il'in, P N Litvinov & A A Meshkantsov, 2004. Matrix method of laser fluorimetry of complex organic compounds in water. EARSeL eProceedings 3(2), 222-226


EARSeL European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, Paris, France


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