Vol. 13, Special Issue 1: 34th EARSeL Symposium, 11-17, 2014

Data processing of Russian forest fire remote monitoring systems
Vitold Komorovski

Sustainable forestry and forest fire management are not possible in Russia without using remote monitoring data, because the territory under forest fire risk is huge. There are three main remote monitoring systems in Russia. The aim of the study is to consider data of two systems and to suggest some methods for comparison. Different SQL and geospatial queries were used for the systems to be compared. The results obtained demonstrate that there are some considerable contradictions between these systems. To overcome these problems advanced processing remote monitoring datasets were used and some kinds of advanced processing methods are suggested. A fuzzy logic was applied to match the fires reported by different systems. The fuzzy logic model is considered in detail in this paper. The result of this data processing can be the basis to develop future fire forecasting systems and decision support systems. The proposed methods of comparative analysis and additional processing of the data provided by the monitoring systems meant to improve input data quality in various modelling and forecasting applications.

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DOI: 10.12760/02-2014-1-03

Submitted: 30 Mar 2014
Revised: 23 May 2014
Accepted: 30 June 2014
Published: 9 July 2014
Responsible editor: Ioannis Gitas

Komorovski V, 2014. Data processing of Russian forest fire remote monitoring systems. EARSeL eProceedings, 13(S1): 11-17

EARSeL European Association of Remote Sensing Laboratories, Strasbourg, France


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