Vol. 13, Special Issue 1: 34th EARSeL Symposium, 36-40, 2014

A tool for predicting diurnal soil albedo variation in Poland and Israel
Jerzy Cierniewski, Arnon Karnieli, Cezary Kaźmierowski, and Jakub Ceglarek

Results of studies on the effects of soil surface roughness on the diurnal broadband blue-sky albedo variation of cultivated and uncultivated soils conducted so far in Poland and Israel indicated that the spectral reflectance behaviour of so genetically different soils such as those developed in these countries is similar enough to use the same procedure to predict the albedo variation for all the soils together. This paper discusses this variation using data generated by equations describing the overall albedo level of these soils taking into account only the organic carbon and carbonates content and the slope of their diurnal albedo increase in the function of the solar zenith angle, disregarding other properties of the soils.

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DOI: 10.12760/02-2014-1-07

Submitted: 27 Jan 2014
Revised: 24 July 2014
Accepted: 25 July 2014
Published: 1 Aug 2014
Responsible editor: Bogdan Zagajewski

Cierniewski J, A Karnieli, C Kaźmierowski & J Ceglarek, 2014. A tool for predicting diurnal soil albedo variation in Poland and Israel. EARSeL eProceedings, 13(S1): 36-40

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