EARSeL eProceedings Vol. 3, No. 2, 282-288, 2004

Radar survey of near shore bathymetry within the OROMA project
Friedwart Ziemer, Carsten Brockmann, Robin A. Vaughan, Jörg Seemann and Christian M. Senet

Preliminary results from the OROMA project (Operational Radar and Optical Mapping in monitoring hydrodynamic, morphodynamic, and environmental parameters for coastal management) are presented in this paper. The aim of the project is to conduct experimental monitoring to increase the effectiveness of technologies in coastal regions to meet with end-user requirements. The project integrates data from mobile ground/ship radar systems, SAR and optical satellite data and ground truth and uses inverse modelling to assess the coastal status. Thematic maps will be produced, which will be presented in near-real-time on a geo-coded grid to be distributed via electronic networks for quick access by managers.

The paper gives an overview on the flow of information within the project and gives an example on one of the methods used, which is the inverse modelling of radar observations, to measure bathymetry.

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Submitted: 07 June 2003
Revised: 13 April 2004
Accepted: 14 April 2004

Ziemer F, C Brockmann, R A Vaughan, J Seemann & C M Senet, 2004. Radar survey of near shore bathymetry within the OROMA project. EARSeL eProceedings 3(2), 282-288


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